Nothing beats the uniquely satisfying feel of a handmade product. Woven handbags are exceptionally stylish and incredibly sophisticated. mizzue's woven handbags are all made by hand by artisans who have spent years perfecting their craft.

Each individual strand is carefully and painstakingly threaded to produce the amazing finish that has made the mizzue weaved bag so popular. Waved bags take longer to make and are very often backordered, but the wait is very much worth it!

Because of their handmade nature, no two bags are identical. Each strand is threaded by hand, no machines are used, and each completed bag is a labour of love.

The patterns and textures produced offer up an amazing tactile sensation. The visual impact is equally stunning and pleasing.

The weaving needs to be small in order to impart the distinctive sense of style and elegance to the overall handbag design. Handmade means of production are the only reliable way to produce weaves of this delicateness and quality.

The resulting effect is one of class and luxury. Each handbag carries with it an air of grace and beauty that comes from being a one-of-a kind handmade creation.

Each handbag gives its wearer a special sense of pride and appreciation knowing that so much energy and effort went into making this design so distinctive.

Each panel is first perforated with precision cut slots across the surface. Artisans then meticulously tread strips of material through each slot. Hole by hole, row by row, eventually they produce a completely woven panel. These panels are then trimmed and stitched to other panels to produce the final, complete handbag.

Weaved handbags are generally very easy to care for. Follow these simple tips to keep your handbag in top shape:

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