Favoured by designers and consumers alike, washed PU Leather handbags offer exceptionally high quality finishes that evoke the best of modern handbag fashion trends.

Contemporary or classic, urban wear or formal wear, the chic and stylish feel that washed PU leather projects, makes it a perfect choice for many of our most successful designs.

PU leather is a wonderful material to use for handbags. It is durable, long lasting and has a natural elasticity. It is also very soft and easy to clean and maintain.

Washed PU leather offers several advantages and introduces several unique qualities that allow handbag designers to create amazing and distinctive designs.

The washing process produces a pebbled texture that is amazingly detailed. Designers take advantage of this characteristic to totally transform the feel of a handbag.

Washed PU leather handbags look absolutely fabulous. The combination of the visual and tactile details can help create a classy and contemporary feel. They can also be processed to have a distressed, slightly worn appearance.

PU leather is literally washed in order to obtain its unique characteristics. Depending on the desired result, PU leather can be washed as a large sheet and then cut, or as complete handbags to give it a distress and slightly worn feel.

Washed PU leather is generally very easy to maintain. Follow these simple tips to keep your handbag in top shape:

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