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Valentine's Day Gifts - For Him

Valentine’s Day is coming around again. It’s that time of the year when we look for nice little gifts for our other halves. We looked around and found these suggestions for things we think he might like. Take a look if you’re short on a little inspiration. For the sporting types - If your other half is into health tech, why not get an activity tracker? They are little devices that you wear that measure your activity and movement. The measurements they can take vary from the number of steps you’ve taken, calories consumed and some can even tell if you’ve had a good nights sleep. Today’s tech needs to look good as well, so most look pretty fashionable too. Almost all activity trackers work with a mobile app to give you the low down on the data collected so can you see how things are progressing over time. activity trackers for him for valentines day For the serious sporting types - Those that actually go out and do sports may benefit from a heart rate monitor watch. These measure your heart activity over time and can give you an insight into your fitness levels throughout your workout. As well as basic heart rate information, most come with some form of support for GPS to let you see how far you’ve covered. Some have a digital compass and others even have a built-in trainer that guides you through your workout. They’re all pretty cool looking as a standard time telling watch too. heart rate monitors for for valentines day For the urban cool ones - Why not get a cute backpack for your dates out? These days there are so many styles and designs to choose from, why not get something that you think he might not ordinarily choose? Not only will you be helping him to upgrade his fashion sensibilities, you’ll also have some extra carry space for your shopping! What a gentleman! Guys generally don’t have so much to worry about when it comes to choosing something that fits their wardrobe, so go ahead and have some fun! backpacks for valentines day For those on the liquid diets - Who doesn’t mind a nice drink once in a while just to let loose and relax? How about getting him some kooky glassware? Try to find something unique or unusual. The weirder the better. It’s all for fun anyway. Perhaps a skull-shape moulded shot glass or a pint glass cut in half? It’s really up to your shopping skills to find something that will be memorable as a gift and fun to use as well. Cheers! drinks glasses for valentines day For the coffee lovers - Ah! Coffee! For some, coffee is an essential food group in and of itself, without which, there is no survival! For others it’s the beverage of choice after a satisfying meal. Coffee lovers have a huge variety of choice when it comes to making coffee in the form of french presses, moka pots, drip coffee machines and of course, capsule machines to name a few. Whichever way, if you happen to be into coffee, this might be a great way to set yourself up for some pampering and get him to make you a lovely dovey cup of coffee. 8-) coffee machines for valentines day For the boys who need their toys - Yes, boys will be boys. They all love their toys. You’re pretty much in luck here as there are so many things you can get him. From smart watches, to game consoles and audio video gear. For the more refined, perhaps a personal (and very manly) grooming kit? You should have no problem identifying what toys he fancies, just by observing what he has in his hands (when he’s not holding yours) or just listening to what he’s talking about over dinner and every other free moment. 8-) gadgets for him for valentines day For the fashionable - It might be nice to prepare for some sunshine as winter makes its way home and the first signs of Spring appear. Since sunglasses are part fashion accessories, part eye protection, they make great accessories to shop for. There’s something for every style and inclination. Options are even better if you don’t have to worry about prescription lenses, in which case, you could just go out and have a nice time shopping for something that you think looks good on him. sunglasses for him for valentines day Whatever you get him, remember that the gift is never as important as the gesture of love that went behind the choice. And since a loving relationship is shared between two, it makes sense that you choose him something that you um… get to use and enjoy as well right? ;-P

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