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Tips For Common Feet Problems

Common feet problems Ever have problems with your feet? Perhaps these tips can help. Check them out. Leather chaffing and cuts – Take your shoe and spray a gentle amount of water around the inside of the Achilles heel area or the inside surface of straps. Then wear them until they dry. Leather stretches naturally with time, wetting it first while wearing it, helps speed this along. Repeat as necessary Aching arches – If the arches of your feet ache, it’s likely because the base, or arch, of your foot isn’t getting enough support. Try purchasing an orthotics shoe-insert, or stick to wedges and shoes with less heel height. If the problem is persistent, you might want to seek the help of a podiatrist. Callous calluses – The skin on your feet becomes hard and tough when subjected to repeated rubbing and friction with the inside surfaces of your shoes. Choose slightly wider bodied shoes or wear tights or socks. Interestingly, shoes that are too loose may cause calluses as well, as there’s too much movement, and again, friction in high contact areas. Our feet are the silent heroes of our mobility. They take the full weight of our persons and can sometimes be left a little neglected. Give them a soak, or a nice rub with aromatherapy oils as a way to pamper and thank them!

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