The mizzue Life

Our post featured on Wordpress reader! Awesome!

Was just perusing the web for interesting reads and generally trying to pick up a few tips and tricks on writing nice blog entries when we came across our own blog post listed on the Wordpress Reader blog! Most awesomeness! We’ve only just started this blog, so to have it included in the Reader is most fantastic. mizzue blog post listed on Wordpress Reader We’ll be working hard to keep interesting content coming. This blog is a work in progress as we develop our shop. Pop over to our online shop if you have time (it's in Chinese at the moment, but our English version is in the works!). You can see we have a lot of work to do as well there. For those who are not familiar with, we came to life searching for cute and fun ladies handbags and shoes. We’ve enjoyed a little success in Asia and now we’re looking to spread our wings. So, stick around and join us as the story unfolds! 8-D

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