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Recover From Post Festivity Blues With These Quick Detox Tips

1 Take a shower A nice shower soaks away the tiredness and leaves you feeling refreshed and alert. Detox with a shower 2 Eat your greens Vegetables are rich in nutrients and minerals, a few of which you would have lost consuming the amounts of alcohol that we tend to consume…. Detox with a salad 3 Exercise Exercise gets your blood circulation going and helps raise energy levels. A good work out is great for working out any kinks in your joints and muscles. Detox with exercise 4 Meditate Apart from telling yourself that that was the last time you’re going to party so hard, meditation is proven to restore the natural rhythm of brainwaves. wpid-detox-with-meditation.jpg 5 Drink plenty of water After a few drinks, the body will start to feel the effects of dehydration. So make sure you restock and rehydrate. It may also alleviate that headache. wpid-detox-with-water.jpg

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