The mizzue Life

We've got our own little showroom!

title We’ve recently decided to have our own little showroom. We wanted a place where we could display some of our bags and shoes and still have some space to hang out with customers. We’re not sure how useful it is, so we’re just gonna set it up and see how it goes. title We’re keeping a limited amount of stock, mostly new arrivals, for display. Both bags and shoes are available. We bought a nice cabinet and a few tables to display the bags so everything is nice and tidy. Visitors can also purchase items on the spot, that’s something we’re exploring as well. title At the moment, the showroom trial is only in Hong Kong, but we’d very much like to have a few more as we grow. It’s kinda cool to meet up with customers and hang out while getting some valuable feedback on our product designs. It’s not a very big space, but we welcome anyone who’s interested to give us a shout if you happen to be in Hong Kong. Just drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll send you the address.

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