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Spring wardrobe ready

This is the season we've all been waiting for, SS17 is the trend full of blooming vibe and colourful awakening sensations. We've picked two babes that are essential to a Spring wardrobe. Both are designed in house reflecting the inspiration and spirit of Big City and Fashion World.
These beauties have such lovely details and features.
Now let's take a look!


The 'Bertha Hollinrake' bag 

Features two distinct compartments with fantastic pockets and segmented sections to keep your toiletries and make-up perfectly organized. Crafted from ultra-smooth faux leather with gleaming gold-tone hardware and our logo stamped on circular zippers.


The 'Lawana Pherson' bag

Elegant style in a practical package. This bag is crafted from the finest lambskin leather we could find and done in beautifully-made patchwork. Ultra thin and soft crossbody strap makes it more comfortable to carry over your shoulder.

Happy Valentine's Day!


It's all about LOVE

Chocolate is a must... but not enough! 
Everyone's so excited about the most romantic February... Make this Valentine's Day truly special with our adorable Lovebird edition! 


A gift from the heart

From a trip to the cinema to staying in, saying I Love You isn't just by word, show your love to your loved one with surprises, actions and gifts!

Don't forget a kiss and make up are also magical love potions!


The perfect Pieces for your Valentine...

Still not sure what to get? No panic... Here we've got you covered with our new season collection, we've focused on the design of love and sweetness. 

Make this day extra special. Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is the biggest celebratory event in the Lunar calendar. This big day usually marked with an abundance of all good and lucky things such as the warmth of family and friends, incredible food, fireworks, red envelopes money and all great wishes for the brand new year.

Colours of the season: Red and Gold

A very common sight with any Lunar New Year festivity is the emergence of red and gold in decorations, clothing and accessories. 


Year of the Rooster 

2017 will be the Year of the Rooster, 12 animals are used to define different years on the Chinese zodiac. People born during years of Rooster (1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017) are thought to be talented, zealous, brave and romantic.


Outfits: Dress in Red

The colour red symbolises fire which is traditionally thought to drive away bad luck and monsters. Many people wear red during Chinese New Year for good luck and fortune. Additionally, people also believe that dragon dances and the loud beats of the drum along with the face of the dragon scare away evil spirits.


Red envelopes

Red envelopes with money inside are traditionally given by married couples and elders as gifts to young children during Chinese New Year. It is believed to suppress the evil from the children, and also bring fortune and prosperity to the ones who receiving the envelopes.



Chinese New Year SALE event!

As a special treat, we'd love to celebrate this marvellous festival with all mizzue fans with our amazing sales during this season! Stay in touch with us, connect to our social network and be the early bird to find out our latest offers! 
Do you celebrate the Lunar New Year? We'd love to learn more about your traditions! Please share in the comments. Much LOVE.



2017 New Trends


Handwoven bags are mizzue's most popular collection. Posh and timeless. Designed in house with passion, finished under high standard quality control.


Crossbody bags are this season's must-have, we're very proud to release a wide range of cross body bags this year to please all mizzue lovers. Stay glam!



Bucket bags are a very seductive trend this year, it can always add volume to your look as well as defining silhouettes, making it this season masterpiece. 


Hobo-inspired tote bags are a wardrobe's best friend. We love the combination of styles, linings and shapes, it will surely add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.



Backpacks are perfect when you need to carry a little bit extra or if you want to have your hands free. Many more styles and colours are coming up soon! Keep in touch...





Winter Outfits by Taiwanese Blogger feat. mizzue

Winter outfit - Get everybody’s eyes on me !!

The weather is being so weird recently. It was the warmest December but then the temperature suddenly dropped down to 5 degrees in these few days. Luckily I bought two winter coats to keep me warm few weeks ago. ( I did worry if the weather is gonna stay warm for a while and I wouldn’t have a chance to even wear my stunning coats throughout the winter :P )



1. Dawana Clavijo 

Today, I am gonna share my wonderful shopping experience with mizzue. So .. what’s on the list? Here is the first item I bought when it offered 50% exclusive sale online! Deffo one of the best style and one of my fave! As I know mizzue do offer free shipping and mega sale quite often, so I’d recommend you to keep eye on their facebook fan page and don’t miss their exclusive offers.

I know guys hate it but it’s the truth that women can never have enough shopping. Especially dresses, shoes, handbags and accessories! Well almost everything that we need, pretty much life essentials to us :D

To get ready for the Europe trip, this cross body bag is definitely a must-buy item. It is practical but also have a sense of western fashion. It comes with 2 detachable leather straps in different lengths for versatile wear. Even tho the bag doesn’t cost so much but it is in very high quality made.

Especially love this tan-tone, as it can easily mix and match with any outfit and will always look fashionable on any dressing. The front flap with buckle is the highlight of the bag to create a London look. Crafted from vegan leather and multiple interior pockets absolutely practical and you can store all your makeup tools, house keys and mobile phone safely. You can also get it in green colour for a classy style.                                          

This is one of the hottest item at mizzue. Available in 4 colours and I personally love the red one as the colour is sharp and girly. I wanted to get blue as it can easily suit on any outfit but when I thought about the party season, I just know red may be the better choice for a wedding, festival and party wear.



Excellent woven technique, shining silver logo, a couple of tassels at the front, and a zipper fastening at the bottom of the bag. Chic, sleek and stylish all in one bag.