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Good vibes only

Inject good vibes into your everyday life, embrace positive moments and share the energy with the people around you.
One way to increase the energy levels of our environment is crystals. Crystals are not only gorgeous decorations but healing stones that release different types of energy. 
Lighting up scented candles is another way to boost vibes, giving you a multi-sensory experience that brings energy to your home too.
Be able to balance and direct energy, meditation is a trendy and popular activity that'll help you to create a positive and harmonious mind and attitude toward life. "Everything you need, your courage, strength, compassion and love; everything you need is already within you."


Bridal and occasion style guide

Bridal and occasion style guide

Whether you're going to have or attend a wedding, this guide has everything you need to style, ensuring you'll have a marvellous, memorable experience on the big day.

Bridal Fashion

You may be a minimalist, a maximalist or a retro vintage soul, there are various styles for the bride-to-be.
The minimalist
Minimalistic wedding dress
The maximalist
wedding dress
Retro vintage soul
vintage wedding dress


Table runner
table runner
Consisting of multiple textures and shades of pinks, featuring a stream of florals running along the table to deliver a refreshing, sensational impression.
Candles and frame
Candles and frame
Candles add soft lighting and increase the feeling of romance.

As a darling guest

Dream of a gorgeous day for an amazing moment to come, as a darling guest, what would you wear?
Flashback to the British royal wedding, here are some stunning examples.
Wedding guest outfit


Hair Comb
Hair accessory 1Hair accessory 2
Necklace and earrings
Pearl earringsFloral pearl necklace
Don't forget...
You'll need a charming bag to compliment your look as well as stowing away your essentials on the most important day.
mizzue bags

Show some LOVE this CNY & Valentine's Day

Do you know... Chinese New Year and Valentine's day are only two days apart this year? Yes, it's important to be well-prepared for the big days ahead, showing what they mean to you – Love.

Gift For Her

mizzue designed these gift sets in-house, which are handmade with love. The gift set comes with a bouquet and a bag or purse depends on which style you choose. 
Ima Crewe

Ima Crewe

Allison Quail

Allison Quail

Ada Grates

Ada Grates

A perfect gift for a perfect person, if you really want to win her heart, these are the gifts to go for. It's all wrapped up in a gift box and ready to go! Let her know about your feelings and make it an extra special day, get ordering now to ensure it will arrive on time.

Tick off your Christmas gift list!

Christmas trees
It's finally December! Christmas is only a few weeks away and we could not be more excited. We're here to help you kick off the gift giving season in style and sort out your Christmas list. 

The guide of gifting

Buying presents for her can be a difficult task when you're not too sure about what she'd like. However, what you do know is she'll need some new outfits and accessories to add to the Xmas fun! We're confident that our December range will put a big smile on her face, just simply browse around hundreds of styles on our site and your Christmas gifting list will be ticked off with our stylish surprises.

The wow elements you need at the Christmas party. 

Don't be afraid of bold colours as this is the season to be bright and shine! Party food and music are a must to boost the wintry, christmasy vibes, but... the best has yet to come, Santa is the key character to bring gifts, surprises and excitement to the night!

christmas gifts

We're constantly adding gift ideas and special offers daily to make your Christmas shopping easy and fun!





Christmas delivery

Be Christmas ready, get the perfect outfit for the most exciting day of the year!  
Just grab your most-loved pieces and we'll deliver to yours with best wishes!

The 80s style is back on trend

Flashback 80s the ever-on-trend style

The ever-lasting plain and stripy styles continue to influence the fashion trend from high street to runway, vintage to modern. They have long been the key components of classic design, playing an important role every season since the 80s.

Fall in love - 80s Autumn fashion throwback

Earth-tone is the perfect accompaniment to the autumn months, teamed with the stripes of The Beatles era to lend a posh retro twist to your look.
There is no garment as popular as plain, it provides simplicity and style, looks good on almost everything and makes it easy to match. By adding some vintage-inspired accessories such as oversized glasses and a vintage watch, it will lift your style out of the ordinary without losing cool.
80s striped dress in brown
80s plain dress in black
( Dress: Cinthia Schoenstein, Bag: Evita Farro)
80s striped dress in almond
Let us know which look is your favourite! Are you into 80s fashion? If yes, what elements would you wear to vintage your outfit? If you're not the retro type but searching for some contemporary fashion pieces this autumn, perhaps you should browse around our online store for a spectacular range of unique clothing and bags, designed by our talented professional team in house.