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More Sun. More Fun!

More Sun. More Fun!

Summer holiday is a great time to get out, feel the sun, explore nature and go to pool parties with friends! 

The last thing you want to do in summer is to worry about how to style your hot-weather look with just a few pieces. The key has to be keeping it simple yet remaining flawlessly glam without any compromise.


How to wear the sun-welcome look

mizzue continues to create an array of one-piece clothing for the sun-season. Keeping it lightweight, easy-to-wear and striking.

Shaped rather that structured, our new season's smart-casual playsuits will only get hotter and hotter over the summer.


A goddess-class in luxe, our floating dresses are gonna be the new season's love affair with its high-end influences.



White is an elegant colour that speaks volume, with relaxed features, perfect for the sun-filled days.



Summer's wardrobe must-have

This summer loving, feminine bucket bag will ensure that you'll always make a lasting impression at the sea-side party.
Meet your most-wanted tote bag for the hottest summer crush. A stunning accessory that'd melt your heart in an instant.
Add a hint of sweetness to your wardrobe with our pastel-toned tote, part of the ice cream inspired collection. We love it sweet.

Be holiday ready...

Now you've jump-kicked your summer's worries away! 


Leave your comment down below with your summer-crush ideas.

We'd love to hear from you!

7 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Fashion hacks are brilliant to make our wardrobes a little bit more awesome. Whether you want to fix a few pieces of your faulty clothing or do some DIY to renew some old fashion pieces, here are the 7 clever tips and tricks that will blow your mind. Most of the smart uses of items you probably already have at home.


1. Get rid of an armpit stain with lemon juice and baking soda.

In hot days, we often have a few shirts that have armpit sweat stains. It's no need to throw your most-loved shirts away. Simply squeeze fresh lemon juice and water onto the stain and rub the mixture in. Alternatively, add baking soda and water onto the stain and let it sit for an hour then raise.

2. Refashion your old top with lace fabric.

Getting a sexy lacy look is dead easy. No need to buy a brand new piece.

3. DIY and refashion a simple vest.

Wearing something that you made yourself in your own home is fascinating, plus all you need is just a simple plain vest. Get a pricey look using much cheaper materials. It's tailor-made and unique. 

4. Stretch a pair of tight shoes by blow drying the tight area while wearing thick socks and the shoes.

Wear thick socks or fluffy socks, slip your feet into your shoes, then blow dry the tight area. 

5. Use clear nail polish to stop a run in your stocking or tights.

It can be frustrating when your tights get ripped and here is a genius way to stop it running. 

6. Make Your Own Cap Toe Shoes.

Quick, easy and fun to spray! All you need is a gold spray paint. A smart way to save money and give your old shoes a new modern look.


7. DIY Double Cloths Hangers.

With a pop tab, you can save so much space in your wardrobe.

All Pink. Why not.

The new-season PINKs are here.

Pink is gonna be the new black for today's ladies
(Fairies who were accidentally born in the city).
When we go all pink like... pink hair, pink nails, pink boots, pink dreams, pink wishes etc. Then we know we're all addicted to the pink potion. 


Guess what? mizzue are also huge fans of Pink! We've added a hint of pink magical dust into our Love potion, creating all these adorable pieces to please all delightful ladies just like you.

Looking for some petite pinky friends? Simply browse around our online store,  enter 'PINK' in the search bar... Here you go! 


If the mizzue Pink collection isn't quite enough for you...
We've more Pink-inspired ideas to cheer you up! 

Pink Hair

Pastel hair is one of the hottest trends this year, Pink hair is ridiculously popular especially for those girls who are so in love with Pink, this is the fundamental element to nail Pink-themed fashion.



Pink Bath

You can even style Pink in your bathroom. Pick the perfect signature scent for yourself and enjoy an amazing and relaxing bathing experience in rosy Pink. We especially love this Love-heart shaped bath bomb, literally heart-melted sweetness all in one bomb.


Pink Cosmetics

Pink makeup gives a flawless youthful finish to your face. Boost freshness and energy for a firm appeal. Pink lips demonstrated an ever-trending teasing touch for your face effortlessly.

 Pink Outfits

Lastly, why not finishing up your look with an all pink outfit?

Seductive pink ladies are always elegant and flirty, as you can see...

Quack Quack!!

Are you ready for some PINK?
Leave us a comment to let us know about your Pink updates! 

Hello, mizzue clothing!

mizzue have finally launched a new women's clothing range on the site.
We're so grateful to announce that our new clothing line is now added and here's a little introduction of our new season collection.
For Spring/ Summer 2017, we're focusing on lightweight, easy-to-wear, fashion-forward and a little hint of elegance that'd secretly inject into your everyday look.

Dream Angel

One little magic behind our clothing is they're made to be well-fitted in almost any sizes with their clever design and cutting, sometimes a flexible band and an adjustable belt can instantly boost a flattering silhouette to your shape and true to size.

Dresses are this season's star! Transforming into an angel isn't a dream anymore. New season dresses are tailor-made for city-angels who love to dress up glamorously to work, travel and dance off into the night with a luxe touch.



Striking Summer

Summer is the season for beach parties, boat trips, picnics and festivals! Wearing the right outfit is vital for enjoying the sun and the warm weather with your loved ones. Our Summer wardrobe-ready jumpsuits are crafted for a comfortable-fit suitable for any outdoor activities, stay jumpy and blooming!



Innately Feminine

The most-wanted midi skirts collection is designed in effortless fabrics and seasonal layering, bringing you to any destination in a feminine style. Embrace your inner sexyness by pairing with a silky top or blouse to nail your day-to-day fabulous look. 

What to wear now

Spring wardrobe ready

This is the season we've all been waiting for, SS17 is the trend full of blooming vibe and colourful awakening sensations. We've picked two babes that are essential to a Spring wardrobe. Both are designed in house reflecting the inspiration and spirit of Big City and Fashion World.
These beauties have such lovely details and features.
Now let's take a look!


The 'Bertha Hollinrake' bag 

Features two distinct compartments with fantastic pockets and segmented sections to keep your toiletries and make-up perfectly organized. Crafted from ultra-smooth faux leather with gleaming gold-tone hardware and our logo stamped on circular zippers.


The 'Lawana Pherson' bag

Elegant style in a practical package. This bag is crafted from the finest lambskin leather we could find and done in beautifully-made patchwork. Ultra thin and soft crossbody strap makes it more comfortable to carry over your shoulder.